Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where is Your Credit Card Now?

As I was standing in line at my local grocery store, the customer ahead of me paid with his credit card. As he signed the pinpad he stated to the cashier "There is no room here to sign my entire name, yet the machine accepts my signature anyway. If my card was stolen, the thief could just sign my name and the transaction would be approved. "

"Yes, I know" replied the smiling cashier. "A friend of mine signed with a smiley face and the machine accepted it."

Doesn't this make you feel secure in the age of electronic transmissions?

Where is your credit card now? If someone else has it, remember, your signature on it may not prevent you from being charged.


Anonymous said...

This illustrates not only insecurity, but also the fact that someone receive much money to leave this gap in credit card payment technology. That's sad.

Karen said...

That's so awful to own a credit card and to be afraid that when it is stolen by chance it can be used by any other person.