Tuesday, June 5, 2007

How is He Doing?

It has been six months since the November elections that put the Democrats back in control of Congress. With this being the case, I thought I would state my opinion as to how President Bush has performed since then.
His conduct right after the election led me to believe he would give the Democrats everything they wanted. While he has changed tactics concerning the war with Iraq, he has stood firm in his commitment to maintain the U.S. presence there. For resisting all efforts to set a time table for withdrawl, Bush deserves credit. The surge that is going on now should have been undertaken long ago. Whether it is too late to succeed, or whether it will be given adequate time to succeed, remains to be seen. His administation can claim credit for keeping the country from experiencing another terrorist attack.
Immigration is another matter. His plan, crafted with Teddy Kennedy, is a surrender of border security. By insisting on his approach, he is forcing his party to abandon him if they have any hope of being successful in the 2008 elections. Why a President would weaken his stature in wartime in this way is beyond me.
While Bush has not allowed himself to become a complete lameduck, his stand on immigration is the greatest threat to his success. I am still hopeful that he will continue to appoint judges who honor the Constitution. If he has an opportunity to fill any vacancies on the Supreme Court, and he nominates reliable Conservatives, and fights for them, then he will remain high in my esteem.

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