Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rumor False, Situation Still Dangerous.

The rumor on the internet that an attempt to rescue the South Korean hostages held by the Taliban in Afganistan was false. Yet the situation remains dire for the twenty-one remaining hostages. Two are extremely ill and may die. It is reported that all the hostages are suffering from dehydration and intestinal problems. The U.S. is keeping up the pressure on the Afgan government not to give in to demands to free captured Taliban terrorists in exchange for the South Koreans. The Afgans conducted such an exchange earlier this year and this has apparently encouraged the Taliban to repeat their success by taking more foreign hostages. The U.S. has not ruled out force. A rescue attempt would involve more than one operation since it it reported that the hostages have been seperated into groups of five. We need to pray not only for the hostages, but for their families as well.

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Two other sites that chronicle the persecution of the Church is the Voice of the Martyrs website and .

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