Saturday, January 24, 2009

Abortion Toll In Human Life Of Mothers

I recently read in the pro-life West Virginia publication "Life Matters" that there is a movement to increase the availability of abortions in Spain. Apparently those in favor of this are either ignorant of the toll abortion is taking on Spanish women, or they just do not care. Recently it has been announced that abortion is the number one cause of death for women in Spain. And in the US, it appears that illegal alien women have found a way to terminate their pregnancies without risking their illegal status being discovered: drug induced home abortions. However much these women fear deportation, they are risking their lives by this very dangerous practice. The women referred to in this piece come from Latin America. Latin American women have been targeted by the abortion industry. Here is a story about one abortion provider who preformed abortions for Latin American women who has been the subject of pro-life demonstrations for years. She has been jailed for operating without a medical license. The article laments the fact that one has to get a medical license to kill when such licenses are supposed to obligate those who receive them to act to save and preserve life. However, there are some doctors who want to take away their colleagues' right to refuse to perform abortions because their consciences forbid them; if they refuse to perform an abortion, then these doctors must refer the patient to a doctor who will, so says the doctors quoted in the story. If President Obama signs the Freedom Of Choice Act, which will remove all restrictions placed upon abortions since Roe v. Wade was decided, this right of doctors to refuse abortions will be taken away. The Catholic Church is contemplating closing the hospitals it runs if these hospitals are forced to perform abortions. The percentage of hospitals run by the Catholic Church in this country: one-third. This would have extremely adverse consequences for health care in America. To register your opposition to this act, go to the National Right To Life Committee's website, which can be found in the links section of this blog to the right and download the protest form. As to actively campaigning for the pro-life cause, here is a link to a successful model to follow.

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Tim Sheets said...

Isn't it absurd that so many pro-choicers out there are all about bringing home the troops because we don't want to see any more die, yet they turn a blind eye to all the lives being lost via abortion? I can't figure that out.