Sunday, January 25, 2009

Does Obama Know The Latest On Stem Cell Research?

A few days ago President Obama lifted the Bush administration's restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. It was clear during the campaign that Obama had a far rosier outlook on this branch of research than the evidence in the lab has produced. In fact, Obama and company gives the impression that no scientific studies using embryonic stem cells have been undertaken while Bush was President; however, the contrary is true and the results have not been as promising as research done on adult stem cells. Here are a few articles detailing the positive results in adult stem cell research:

In Spain, doctors have used the cells from a patent's trachea to construct a new one.

European Researchers have success treating patients with cells from the patient's own marrow.

Researchers in Wisconsin and Japan have successfully transformed adult stem cells into their embryonic equivalent without the need of destroying embryonic stem cells.

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