Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Darwin And The Holocaust

"It should not have been surprising that Hitler under Darwin's influence would follow up by seeking to destroy the Jews. Not because Darwin was an anti-Semite (he wasn't), but because his world view is all about explaining life and its mysteries in purely natural, materialistic terms, leaving no room for God."

In our day in which Darwinian orthodoxy is considered the only acceptable account of the origins of Man and the Universe, who would dare to expose themselves to public ridicule for such a statement? Only a narrow, right wing Conservative Fundamentalist, of course. At least, that would be the answer of the evolutionary vanguard in the scientific establishment and the media. When Ben Stein demonstrated the connection of Darwinism to the Holocaust in his documentary "Expelled", Evolutionists went into hysterics denouncing Stein. ExpelledExposed, a website maintained by the National Center for Science Education, has an entire article devoted to ridiculing the link between Evolution and the Holocaust and the now discredited science of Eugenics. It is Expelledexposed's goal to make one think that the only ones who believe in such a link are Conservative Protestant Fundamentalists/Evangelicals who deny the evidence for Evolution. It is the hope of Evolutionists to embarrass anyone from challenging Evolution by labeling Evolution's opponents as Christian Fundamentalists. Surely, they reason, very few "sophisticated people" would want to be associated with them. See this article from last October on this blog for the historical basis for the linking of Evolution to the Holocaust and the tactics of Evolutionists on this subject.

Actually, the statement above is from David Klinghoffer, an Orthodox Jew. Klinghoffer wrote an article earlier this month entitled "Judaism in the Year of Darwin." In it, Klinghoffer maintains that the war against Creationism as portrayed in Genesis is not just the Christian Fundamentalists' fight. Orthodox Jews also read Genesis as God's word and its Creation account as actual history. Klinghoffer also details the historical connection between Evolution and the Holocaust. Reading this article and the historians cited in it should be argument enough against those who deny the connection. I thought bringing this article to your attention today would be appropriate since today is Holocaust Memorial Day. (Thanks to Dave Bartlett for bring this article to my attention.)

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