Monday, April 6, 2009

Remarks From Sarah Palin

Some remarks from Sarah Palin caused a stir recently, especially among staffers from the McCain Campaign. Palin recounted that right before she went onstage to debate Joe Biden, she had looked for someone to hold hands with her and join her in prayer. The remarks that provoked criticism were that as she was searching for that person to pray with, she knew that the McCain people were not the type of people she was looking for. Should she have made these remarks? To some, these remarks indicate a mean spirited judgementalism on her part. Others defend her by pointing out that by that time, she had gotten to know the McCain people surrounding her and that they are not people who shared her faith in Christ. I side with the latter. Even if the latter opinion is correct, should she have made these remarks? They prefaced a story about her youngest girl which could have been recounted without these remarks. Does this show a lack of judgement on her part? Or was she shrewdly cementing her support among the Conservative base of the Republican party? Whatever the case, it was a good speech, making the point that disaffected Democrats can be won over without compromising Conservative principles. At this point, I do not know who I'll be supporting in 2012: Palin, Jindal, Sanford, or someone else. Yet this speech indicates that Palin is the only Conservative candidate who can emotionally connect with voters. Here is a five minute clip from Palin's speech on You Tube. The controversial remarks begin after four minutes.

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