Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Place For Personal Conscience In The Practice of Medicine

A Louisianna nurse demoted for refusing to administer the "Morning After Pill" lost an appeal in her suit against the hospital despite the fact that she could show that her personal refusal based on religious conviction would not hamper the hospital from administering the drug to patients. Here is an article from Chuck Colson on the cultural left's attempt to silence the ethical objections to its social agenda. Who knows what will come of the FDA's new policy of allowing drug companies to experiment with humans in countries that do not adhere to U.S. law regarding medical research on people. Will conscientious scientists be forced to choose between keeping their jobs or protesting unethical medical practices illegal in the U.S.? Here is a balanced article on the rights of parents to determine the medical treatment of their children. And what about a parent's right to educate their children concerning sex according to their own standards instead of the states? In Germany, a girl's parents were convicted of removing her from sex education activities that are strongly anti-Christian in philosophy. Can it happen here? It will if our President gets his way since he would rather the U.S. be more like Europe.

In other news, scientists have successfully created a treatment for cancer from Adult Stem Cells. The treatment seeks out and destroys cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. Scientists have successfully treated various forms of cancer in mice with this treatment and in a few years trials on human cancer victims will take place.

Teaching robots right from wrong? A philosopher explains.

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