Saturday, June 13, 2009

Clouds Of Witnesses: The Church Under Communist Domination

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This is a review of "The Gospel's Triumph Over Communism" by Michael Bourdeaux. Time: 7min., 56 sec. You will hear a couple coughs as I am getting over a cold. Audio entries do save time, yet my entries are still a bit awkward. From now on, even if the posts are not written down beforehand, I need to practice the delivery before I record the entry.

"Clouds of Witnesses" in the title above refers to a continuing series on this blog focused on the Church under persecution and biographies of saints past and present. It doesn't appear as much as it should, however, that is going to change. Soon articles will appear on such Christians as Brother Yun, Watchman Nee, David Wilkerson, Ann Judson, John Wesley, John Fletcher, Henry Martyn, Amy Charmichael and Phoebe Palmer, among many others.

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