Friday, June 5, 2009

Global Christianity

The following are agencies that I find worthwhile to follow in ascertaining whats going on with the Church world wide:

Center for the Study of Global Christianity.
Operation World.
U.S. Center for World Missions.
Open Doors.
Voices of the Martyrs.
Lausanne World Pulse.
The Christian Telegraph
China Aid
Rainbows of Hope

I would like to include individual missions organizations in which many of my friends belong, but some of these agencies deal with high security risk regions, so reluctantly, these will not be listed.

Other sites of Interest:

The Center For Early African Christianity
All India Christian Council
Centerpoint International : Focusing on the African nation of Liberia.
Here are some excellent secular resources:
BBC News.
Christian Science Monitor.
Hudson Institutes Center For Religious Freedom
Freedom House

This list shall be periodically updated.

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