Monday, July 6, 2009

A Sobering Thought

As a big fan of Sarah Palin, to describe my initial reaction to her resignation as Alaska's governor as profound disappointment would be an understatement. Some Conservative commentators labeled her resignation as a shrewd move designed to better position herself to run for the White House in 2012. Watching clips of her press conference, I did not see someone who was thinking to herself what a politically shrewd move she was making. I thought I saw someone being forced by circumstances to take a course of action she did not want to take. I do believe she made her decision to prevent politically inspired ethics investigations of her from eating up all the family finances as well as to prevent anymore press attacks on her children who are not old enough to deal with such assaults upon them. Yes, I am disappointed in her resignation. I believe that by the time 2012 rolls around, Obama is going to be politically vulnerable and I believe Palin is the only GOP contender capable of bringing him down. If my speculations are wrong concerning her reason for resigning and that she did so to better position herself for a presidential run, her resigning will damage her prospects. For her to have served a full term, or better yet, to have been reelected governor would have enhanced her stature to overcome the press onslaught against her. However, as a Christian mother, she made the right decision for her and her family. 99% of other politicians would have continued their course, letting their family take the consequences. Had she continued as governor, her family would have suffered. Therefore, her resignation was God's will for her. Which leads me too express one sobering thought. Is it possible that God's will for our immediate future is bad political leadership? Perhaps our sins as a nation has forfeited the blessings we have experienced as a nation of free persons making our own decisions rather than the government?

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