Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday Night Frozen Dinner And An Intellectual: "The Politics Of Jesus" by John Howard Yoder. Part IV

Last night I finished John Howard Yoder's "The Politics of Jesus."  It was torture.  Normally when I write a negative book review, I try to be charitible.  My initial emotions of dislike rarely make it to the completed blog post.  Yet "The Politics of Jesus" is one of the worst books I have read in years.  The only reason I stuck with it is that it is considered a classic in some Christians' minds. Reading the final three chapters, I got tired of his imposition of his views on the Biblical text.  To repeat my criticisms would waste time; Parts I and II will provide you with criticisms that apply to the book as a whole.   My upcoming Friday evenings will cover "The State and the New Testament" by one of Yoder's teachers and "Christ the Meaning of History" by an author cited by Yoder.  I didn't know their connections before planning my reading.  If no review of these books appear here it is because I decided to move on.  After I finish with these two books, I am going to review four short books by N.T. Wright. 

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