Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Change Of Course

Some readers of this blog know that I am politically conservative.  Last year I made the decision to reduce the amount of politcal posts here.  This year, only two short political posts, both concerning Sarah Palin, have appeared on this blog. (I am thinking of creating a seperate blog to write on politics and culture.)  However, with less than a week before the election, this blog will feature a number of posts relating to the choices we as voters have before us.  Here are some links to articles concerning the size and scope of government:

This article on Gov. Chris Christie of NJ includes a must see interview of him.  Despite the fact that NJ is a Democrat state, Christie has balanced the state's budget ahead of schedule.  His success will embolden other Conservative Republican governors to save their states from economic collapse.  He is definitely a future Presidential possibility.  (From the blog The Reformed Broker, via The Christian Science Monitor.) Britain's Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron is proposing sweeping changes to reduce the national government and empower individuals and localities.  (From The Washington Post, via Gene Veith.) Germany's Conservative government defied its socialist neighbors and our socialist President in its response to the financial crises.  It resisted advice to spend government money and increase regulation of businesses.  Germany's economy is now booming. (From the New York Times, via Veith.)  In fact, Big Government has been a failure since the New Deal; the Hoover Dam being a case in point. (From the Ludwig von Mises Institute, via the Christian Science Monitor.)

Gene Veith describes why American Christians switched from Democrat to Republican over the past 40 years.

Science is supposed to be an unbiased discipline.  Here is an article on how members of the scientific community, and their liberal patrons in government, play politics with stem cell research; how they promote embryonic stem cell research, which has showed little promise, while hiding the successes of adult stem cell research. (From The American Thinker, via the Family Research Council.)

Here is an article that should make Christian Consevatives wary of Libertarian influence in Conservative Circles. (From the Christian Science Monitor.)

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is ignoring Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's abuses of power.  (From the Christian Science Monitor.)

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