Friday, October 1, 2010

To Those Evangelicals Who Oppose Sarah Palin, This Post Is For You

Did you know that there are seventeen female members of the U.S. Senate and that all of them, including the four Republicans, support the decision in Roe v. Wade? That figure may change as at least four of the women running for the Senate this year as Republicans are pro-life.  That these women were nominated is due in large part to Sarah Palin.  Yet there are many who label themselves evangelicals who wish Palin had never appeared on the public scene, who thinks she is an embarrassment, who opposes everything she stands for.  This post is for you.  If Palin is able to reverse the institutional support for abortion on demand by supporting pro-life candidates and possibly as President, don't you think that outcome outweighs any objection you have to her positions on issues and her person?  Are your objections so great that they would in your mind outweigh her influence on a party and government policy toward a pro-life mindset?  Talk to me.

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