Monday, December 27, 2010

The Best Of The Web 2010

Here is a list of what I consider the best articles on the World Wide Web I came across in 2010: David Wilkerson on the subtle trap that ensnares Christians so that they don't become all that God wants them to be. Dr. Claude Mariottini on praying for Christopher Hitchens. While this short poem by Dr. Doug Groothuis is written from the view point of the chronically ill, I found it helpful in dealing with healthy but difficult people. Dr. Roger E. Olson believes the decline in exposure to hymnody has resulted in a decline in theological knowledge as well as knowledge of Biblical imagery. Roy Ingle points out that one test of our own salvation is whether we pray for the lost. The most balanced article I have seen on why young people leave the Church. The most significant event this year was probably the earthquake in Haiti.  While I am not in agreement with everything written in this article, I did find this these reflections on the event by Dr. Ben Witherington to be the the most theologically sound.

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