Monday, December 6, 2010

Spasibo, Danke, Merci, Spasibi, Liels Paldies, Thank You

Today marks the fourth anniversery of the beginning of this blogging enterprise.  This year has exhibited two contradictory trends.  This year has seen the least amount of posts while readership seems to have increased. This year my profile page records 375 viewings.  Until recently this has been the only measurement of readership.  Recently I added Blogger Stats to my dashboard, so now I have a better sense of how many readers this blog has had.  According to my profile page, only 1,325 readers have viewed my profile page in four years.  However, according to blogger stats, 3,463 people have actually read posts appearing here. I don't know who is reading them, but I do know from where.  Majority readership, of course, is in the U.S.  But a sizable number of people in Russia have been readers.  Readers can also be found in Germany, Canada, France, Ukraine, the Netherlands, the U.K., India and Latvia. This is quite encouraging and has greatly eased my disappointment in the very few comments that appear here.  This year has been a transitional year marked by many interuptions that have prevented me from publishing long planned articles.  Hopefully this next year will see a return to greater productivity.  Thanks to all, including the six official followers of Redemptive Thoughts, for giving some time to reading what appears here.

One reason for the lower output has been the amount of work that went into the writing of some of the articles.  "A Post Without Answers" was a respose to prominent Christians' views concerning God's role in the Haitian earthquake.  It was the hardest single article I ever wrote for this blog.  As I was writing it, further reflection forced me to change my position on some aspects of the issue.  I did a series on Tim Keller and Theistic Evolution entitled Sola Smorgasbord, the title refering to the fact that Keller is Reformed, that many in Reformed circles think they own the doctrine, and yet Keller himself mixes Christian and non-Christian thinking to an alarming extent to bring about a "reconciliation" between Biblical faith and Evolutionary thought.  I had intended to write just one article on the subject, but one grew to seven, three of which are listed by Blogger Stats as the most read of any article appearing on this blog.  These three are Part I: A Faith And Evolution Reconciliation?, Part II: WDJS (What Did Jesus Say?) and Part V: Congregational Confusion On A Scale Previously Unimagined. (To read the whole series, visit the May, 2010 archives.)  The series on Dennis F. Kinlaws "Lets Start With Jesus: A New Way of Doing Theology" took more time than expected.  The last in the series is also one of this blog's most read articles. One last article I would like to mention that had some readership is The Lab Rats Are Dead, an article on Obamacare.  Some might think it to be a bit ridiculous, but I was quite pleased with it.  Enough with this exercise of self promotion, until 12/6/11.

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