Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We creationists and supporters of Intelligent Design know the old canard, that ID cannot be taken seriously if it has not produced peer reviewed studies featured in reputable scientific journals. There is an ID critic named Paul who asserted on a Christian blog that no such journal has featured any peer reviewed study on ID. I responded, citing the case of a paper by Steven Meyer which appeared in The Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington (117 (2): 213-239. 2004). This paper caused a firestorm in the evolutionary vanguard of the scientific establishment. Led by the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), the evolutionary vanguard charged that the paper' editor, Richard Sternberg, had allowed the article to appear without peer review. Paul, in his comment, repeated the NCSE's version of the facts. When I referred Paul to sources of information refuting the NCSE, Paul admitted his error. Readers can read my discussion with Paul in the comment section of the link cited above. After Paul admitted his error, he asked me to cite any other peer reviewed studies of ID featured in respected scientific journals. At the time, I couldn't. Later, I posted Fear and Loathing in the Evolutionary Vanguard, in which I cited three ID papers that appeared in peer reviewed journals.The papers I cited can be found here. So I could only cite four papers to Paul. Now it appears I can cite more.

David J. Onofrio, David C. Abel, and Donald E. Johnson had an article entitled Dichotomy in the Definition of Prescriptive Information Suggests Both Perscribed Data and Perscribed Algorithms: Biosemioptics Applications in Genomic Systems in the journal Theoretical Biology and Medical Modeling. See here for a link to the article.

T.C. Woods article, Using Creation Science to Demonstrate Evolution? Senter's Strategy Revised was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, volume 24, Issue 4, pages 914-918, April 2011.

Now I find that the Discovery Institute has a list of eighty-two works concerning ID that have been published in peer reviewed journals.   Is this going to satisfy Paul. Probably not.

Oh, by the way, in South Korea, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has announced that references to evolution will be eliminated in future high school text books.

Question: In math, science, and reading, which country ranks #1?
Answer: South Korea.

I guess the NCSE didn't see that one coming, or they would have opened a branch office in South Korea. Oh well. I am sure that the NCSE can take comfort that Darwinism is still taught as the gospel in that bastion of educational excellence, North Korea.

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