Sunday, August 9, 2015


I saw the main Republican debate last night (I missed it Thursday because I don't get the cable channel that carries Fox News). Donald Trump looked bad, Marco Rubio made the best appearance. Rand Paul came off as humorless and almost angry. You can find  millions of online comments mirroring these impressions. Yet there was one question and response which has gotten very little comment from reporters as well as conservatives. I am referring to Megyn Kelly's question to Scott Walker concerning his stance on abortion. Kelly mentioned that Gov. Walker had recently signed a law in Wisconsin protecting the unborn while containing an exception for the life of the mother. Walker has voiced opposition to such an exception in the past. Kelly asked Walker if he would really want to see a mother die to protect the life of her unborn baby. Walker not only did not back away from his previous position, he positively stated that there are alternatives to aborting the baby that would keep both baby and mother alive. Kelly later commented that if Walker is the nominee, his answer will haunt him all the way to election night. The press and the Democrats will certainly try to use his answer to paint him as anti-woman. Walker probably knew this when he answered the question. Yet with this answer, Walker has earned the support of social/Christian conservatives. While most of the candidates put in a good performance Thursday evening, Walker's answer was the true moment of courage. All other Republican candidates made bold pronouncements as to what they would do in office. You couldn't call them courageous for doing so as they were auditioning themselves to a largely conservative audience. Pro lifers should test the courage of the other candidates by demanding an answer as to whether they stand with Walker and his answer to Megyn Kelly.