Thursday, July 16, 2020


A Jewish legend. One day, a skeptical man sets out to test the first-century sage Rabban Gamaliel II. Where, he asks Gamaliel, does your God reside? “I do not know,” Gamaliel replies. “Is this your wisdom,” the man scoffs, “the wisdom of the people who pray to God every day yet do not know where his place is?” Wouldn’t it make more sense, he goes on, “to bow down to the work of our own hands, since we can always see it?” “You see the work of your own hands,” an irate Gamaliel retorts, “but it cannot see you.” From a Commentary Magazine article by Sohran Ahmari entitled They Blinded Us With Science. Here is the link (for some reason, I can't provide the links in the usual way):

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David C Brown said...

We always like to try to bring God down to our level rather than letting Him raise us up to His level for us.