Friday, January 12, 2007

Belated Election Thoughts

I know. The election was two months ago. Its old news. However, this blog is new and this is my first opportunity to express myself on the subject.

Many respectable conservatives state that this was a good election to lose. The Republicans in Congress became corrupted by power, they forgot who sent them there. They and President Bush spent a record amount of our money on pork and liberal social programs. Corruption probes of either party caused the leadership to circle their wagons. The Foley incident made this plain to all. Not to be forgotten is Bush's attempt to push a disastrous immigration policy down our throats. By giving Congress back to the Democrats, some conservatives reason, the Republicans will be properly chastened and return to the party that gave us The Contract for America.

While I wish this scenerio will actually come true, I cannot be too optimistic. Why? The Supreme Court. Conservatives rejoiced at the elevlation of Roberts and Alito to the Court, but their presence is not enough to restore sound Constitutional interpretation to the Judiciary. At least two more favorable appointments are needed to reverse the damage done by years of judicial activism. With one justice in his eighties and another in ill health, the President should have an opportunity to replace both before he leaves office. Unfortuately, a Conservative rebellion against Bush and his party may squander this opportunity.

Some conservatives may say "So what? You social conservatives are not the whole Republican party; there are economic issues, such as government spending, and immigration to consider. It was time to send a message from the ballot box on these issues. Victory for your issues will come in time." Think again.

If your main issue is stopping illegal immigration, you might be in for a shock as an activist court enshrines the "rights" of illegals into the Constitution. If Federal Spending and increasing governmental interference in all aspects of life disturb you, think of the consequences when the court makes such policies the law of the land. Yes, these issues are as important to me. But one must choose which battle is the most important. By placing Bush's opportunity at risk, conservatives may have shot themselves in the foot on all their issues. Changing the Supreme Court had to be priority number one. Unfortunately, Bush waited too long to emphasize the point. I am not sure conservatives will look back on this election as a good one to lose.