Thursday, February 22, 2007

Credit Where Credit is Due

I am not sure how to characterize the events of this past weekend when the Senate refused to go along with the House of Representative's resolution on Bush's "Surge" strategy. I am glad the Senate held its ground. I am no uncritical fan of Bush; there is much to criticise him for. Nor do I predict that the Surge will work. I hope it does. I hope 21,000 additional troops will do the job. But I have heard some experts say the number should be 50,000. I have no idea who is correct. Yet am am glad the Congress as a whole did not declare to the world that the stategy will not work nor that the mission is a failure. Such a rebuke to the Commander-in-chief for political purposes in wartime would not only hamper Bush's effectiveness, but every future President's effectiveness as well. Our nation's enemies are capable of exercising great patience while they wait for our political establishment to tire of conflict. That the House is willing to pass such a resolution is damaging enough. That the Congress is seeking to usurp the President's wartime powers is beyond dispute. At least we can give credit to those in the Senate of either party who refused to side with Pelosi on this issue. Continue to pray for our leaders and the troops and their families!

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