Wednesday, March 28, 2007

President Thompson?

Here is a link to a good article on the qualifications of Fred Thompson for the Presidency and why the Democrats fear him: http://PatriotPost.US/alexander/edition.asp?id=524
The Hand is not endorsing anyone for President yet. If their are reasons why Thompson should not be the Republican nominee, I have not yet heard them. However, of those Republicans who are already running or might run, Thompson is the only one I might be able to vote for without holding my nose. In time, I might even get enthusiastic about his candidacy. He might be the only one who could unify the party and defeat the Democratic nominee. However, I am reserving judgement until I know more than I already do about Thompson. I think the efforts of prominent Christians to line up Christian support for McCain, Giuliani, or Romney has been a mistake. Why pledge support for someone whose reliability on Conservative issues is in doubt when there might emerge a more acceptable candidate later on? Why let an unacceptable candidate get a lock on funds now when the election is still far away? If there are good reasons why Thompson should not receive the Republican nomination, let me know. The Hand wants to hear from you!

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