Thursday, June 28, 2007

Audio Impressions

This is the first of a new feature on "The Hand." In this feature, "Audio Impressions", I will give my impressions of what I have recently heard or seen on the web or heard on cassette or on CD.

Sounds Of Majesty: This nightly show from the Moody Broadcasting Network ( ) features mainly traditional church music. The host, Greg Wheatly, provides insightful commentary and historical background. The show is the most conducive to worship of any that is on the Web or on Christian radio. This program is also helpful when I go to an establishment with a wi-fi connection. It is hard sometimes, while blogging, to compose a spiritually related article while the background music is a rather loud rendition of "I'm Your Venus, I'm Your Fire of Desire" or "Another One Bites The Dust." Often I plug in my earphones into my PC and listen to "Sounds of Majesty." That way, the task of writing is facilitated.

Rick Warren's Blog: One does not have to be a fan of megachurches to appreciate this resource. Every week, Warren and guests talk for an hour about one topic concerning the ministry. One can listen at Warren's website or one can download a program for free to listen to later. I have heard only two programs, yet I can recommend this resource for pastors. The programs contain good practical advice on a number of subjects. Warren is to be commended for making these programs available to pastors.

Audio Lectures on American History: A great resource to gain a greater understanding about our country's history. I listened to Harry V. Jaffa's lecture on the Declaration of Independence. Jaffa pointed out that Lincoln appealed to the principles contained in the Declaration when explaining the Civil War to Americans and the world. Jaffa asserts that as these principles are for all time, they should effect the manner in which the Constitution is interpreted. Yet only one conservative on the Supreme Court believes the Declaration should be consulted when making judicial rulings, according to Jaffa. That is Clarence Thomas.

The Debate Between Christopher Hitchens and Rev. Al Sharpton on the Existence of God: Trust me, this debate, which was held on 5/7/07, is not worth your time.This was more of a publicity stunt than a serious debate. Hitchens expressed his athiestic views, nothing not heard before. Sharpton did not, or could not reply from scripture. A more serious opponent would have effectively countered Hitchens.

Philosophy and Christianity: Doug Groothius gives a lecture entitled "What Philosophers Wish Pastors and Theologians Knew About Philosophy." Groothius is correct that we are to love God with all our mind. His point that philosophy is a necessary vehicle for the exploration of certain areas of thought is appealing. He also cautions us against emphasizing certain philosophical systems at the expense of Biblical truth.

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