Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two Hostages Released.

There have been reports during the weekend that the Taliban had or was about to release two South Korean female hostages that were kidnapped in Afganistan. I decided not to comment until there was official confirmation. It has now been confirmed that the two women, both who were reported to be approaching death through dehydration and intestinal problems, have been released. That leaves nineteen hostages still in captivity. The Taliban is still demanding the release of its fighters held by the Afgan government. Here is a link to Pastor Eugene Cho's blog which has been following the story: http://eugenecho.wordpress.com/2007/08/14/costly-commitment/ . His post provides links to other sites covering the situation. According to this website, http://muddlingtowardmaturity.typepad.com/ , the driver of the bus the South Koreans were traveling on tipped off the Taliban what route the bus was taking. The driver has been arrested. According to this same source, South Korea has vetoed any rescue attempts by Afganistan and the U.S., fearing that the hostages would be killed in the attempt. We need to continue to pray for the remaining nineteen Christian workers and their families.

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