Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Retro September: Week Two

Progress on the series to be posted here in October is slow but steady. In the meantime, very little, or no new material will be seen here during September. So, this month, previously published material will be brought to your attention. This week, the four articles are linked by similar themes: our interaction with the rest of the world, either in terms of Christians carrying out the Great Commission or how we as Christians should react to America's role as the lone super-power. As I state in the articles, evangelizing the nations for Christ is close to my heart, yet I not only support America's current military endeavors but have no qualms about America current status in terms of military might. Some may think this to be inconsistent. Some Christians may think one cannot support both the Great Commission and America's current ventures overseas. I beg to differ. I hope that taken together, all four articles adequately explain how I can hold such seemingly divergent views in tension. The Hand (that's me!) looks forward to any comments you have on what has been posted this week, pro or con.

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