Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dr. Oswalt's Commencement Address At Wesley Biblical Seminary

Dr. John Oswalt has been Professor of Old Testament Studies at Wesley Biblical Seminary for the past ten years. This past year was his last as God has given him a new assignment at another institution. I had him for only one class during my time at WBS because Dr. Oswalt was on sabbatical twice and for a time served as President while the current President completed his doctoral dissertation. However, I did get to hear him teach on a number of occasions and he did serve as my academic advisor. I will miss seeing him around whenever I return to WBS yet I wish him well in his next endeavor. Happily I can still hear him teach through the Francis Asbury Society which is linked to on the right side of this blog's page.

This year's graduating class at WBS had the honor of hearing Dr. Oswalt give the Commencement Address at this month's graduation ceremony. Here is a link to that address. It is only twenty-six minutes long yet it is as full of insight. The beginning appears to have been edited as Dr. Oswalt became emotional concerning his departure from WBS.

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