Saturday, June 27, 2009

Isolate and Destroy

The tales of two politicians who are professing Christians yet engaged in extra-marital affairs have one thing in common: personal isolation. From what I have read in news accounts, it appears that Nevada Senator John Ensign's wife would not join him in Washington, D.C. This in no way excuses Ensign's behavior, yet it is possible that her presence with her husband could have averted the situation. Either she should have joined him in Washington, or to safeguard his marriage, he should have either removed his mistress from his staff or resigned his office. Mark Sanford sought isolation to act in secret. He often told his staff and security detail to remove themselves from his presence. Different circumstances, but the same strategy of the enemy of our souls. Our enemy tries to isolate us from accountability to others, or make it appear that we are out of sight of scrutiny, and then we feel free to engage in whatever secret sin we have been indulging in in our thought life. All Christians can seek accountability partners, even politicians. In their case, they should agree to have Christians on their staffs to help protect them from the snares of the enemy. The politician ought to agree that these staff members ought to report to someone in the Church whether or not personal accountability is being maintained and if it is not, at some point, this failure ought to be made public. Does this sound practical or not? I hate to say it, but I have been a Christian for 23 years and 95% of my attempts to seek accountability partners have failed. Almost all the people who I have approached have refused. Right now, I have no such person to keep me accountable. This does not speak well of the present Church.


Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,

Have you forgot someone : ). I may not be close or talk all the time, but I am here for you.


Mr. Guthrie said...

Yes,James, you are not 95% I was refering to.