Monday, July 13, 2009

Around The World

Here are some items in the news that should spur us on to pray:

For the past year Christians in the Indian state of Orissa have been suffering violent persecution from radical Hindu groups. (See here and here) Recent nationwide elections in India have forced the ruling Hindu party, which campaigned to transform India into an all-Hindu nation, out of office. However, the Hindu party did win a majority in Orissa. Lets pray that the recent elections will mark a turning point for the Christians in Orissa. At best, lets pray for a complete cessation of violence. However, if acts of violence continue, lets pray that the new Indian government will act decisively on behalf the Orissa Christians.

Dr. Andrew Jackson does not support the present American military actions in Afghanistan. Whether of not we agree with him, his recent blog post on Afghanistan features much needed spotlight on the plight of women in Afghanistan. He also links to an informative article on the ethnic strife in China.

Here is an article examining the Church's options in dealing with those who are involved in polygymous arriages who come to Christ for salvation.

In Great Britain, a bill that would allow families to transport their terminally ill family members to Switzerland to be euthanized without being prosecuted in Britain has been defeated by the House of Lords. A good day for the disabled in Britain. Praise the Lord!

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