Friday, July 3, 2009

"Washington's God: Religious Liberty And The Father Of Our Country" by Michael and Jana Novak. An Audio Review, Part I

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Running Time: 13 minutes/30 seconds.

I had indented to publish a review of this book at this time last year. After reading the first two parts, circumstances did not allow me to publish until now. I am getting better in my delivery of these audio blogs, but I still have a remnant of my last cold which made it necessary to clear my throat on occasion while delivering this review. My apologies.

While it must be pointed out that none of the evidence contained in "Washington's God" is proof positive that Washington was a born again Christian, the Novaks make a strong case that Washington was the product of a Christian world view and that world view determined his conduct in public and private, even when his own life, the fate of his army and the fortunes of the new nation were at stake. He believed in a personal God who is active in His own creation. I saw one review that stated that the Novaks sometimes engaged in hagiography of Washington in this book. I must disagree. In "Washington's God", they are focusing on only one aspect of Washington's life, his religious beliefs. A very important part of any one's life to be sure, but the Novaks do not in detail evaluate his actions as a Virginia planter, military officer, or President of the United States. Therefore discerning criticism of these aspects of Washington's career which we would expect from a regular biography or historical work are not necessary here.

To purchase "Washington's God: Religious Liberty And The Father Of Our Country", click here. Or you can go to the publisher's website, Basic Books.

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