Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Washington's God: Religious Liberty And The Father Of Our Country" by Michael and Jana Novak. An Audio Review, Part II

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Running Time: 8 Minutes/36 seconds.

Links to purchase the book or to seek information concerning the authors are to be found in Part I of this review.

I did much better at delivery, yet I see the need for me to speak up a little more. Some individual words cannot be heard which I blame on the phone connection between my new cell phone and Blogger.

The Novaks were requested to write "Washington's God" by the organization that maintains Mount Vernon, Washington's home. The book was written for the general public, not scholars (although the bibliography contains many scholarly sources), therefore the style is not difficult. Not even I agree with everything asserted in the book. For instance, the Novaks ascribe to the rise of Protestantism the modern philosophical separation between faith and science. I have never come across such a view before. Most who examine the subject, Protestant and Catholic, trace the roots of this phenomenon to the philosophical writings of Descartes ("I think, therefore I am.") In fact, much of the Scientific Revolution sprang from a Reformation world view. For this, consult Francis Schaeffer's "How Shall We Then Live", the most quoted book on this blog.

Other cites of interest concerning George Washington: here and here.

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