Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pro-Life News

Here are some links to recent new items concerning pro life issues:

A Catholic nurse was ordered to assist in a late term abortion despite the hospital's knowledge of her religious objections to abortion. She was threatened with disciplinary procedures being taken against her, which included a possible job termination, if she did not participate. At first the nurse was informed that the procedure was an emergency, however, that later turned out to be false. Hospitals currently receiving Federal funds are prohibited from forcing employees from engaging in medical practices that violate their consciences. This prohibition could be nullified by the health care legislation currently being debated in Congress. Britain has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe. Yet that hasn't stopped the British government from issuing a statement to that nation's teens encouraging them to engage in frequent sexual activity for their own health. These statements of course neglect to mention all the health risks associated with risky sexual practices and of course the current government in Britain is pro-abortion. In Oregon, elderly patients with severe medical conditions are being denied treatment under the State's health care coverage. Yet the State informs these same patients that if they choose to end their life through assisted suicide, then the State will gladly pay for that. A new product is on the market in drugstores that allows parents to determine the sex of an unborn child after 10 weeks of pregnancy. Pro-life advocates worry that these devises could lead to sex selective abortions; if a parent does not want a girl for fear a girl would be more of a drain on the family finances, they could choose to abort the child if the test confirms that the child is a girl. Walter Hoye is an African American who became an active participant in the pro-life movement because of abortion' s toll on the African American community. He was recently arrested outside an abortion clinic. Here is a blog post analyzing two news stories covering his arrest.

New Technology now permits the scanning of unborn children so that life size models of these children can be produced and presented to the child's mother. This allows mothers to see that the child they are carrying is not just a blob of tissue. Here is a link to a newspaper story on research concluding that fetuses have memories. Here is a blog post encouraging the pro-life community to reach out to foster children to bring stability to their lives and assist them in choosing not to engage in pre-marital sex. High rates of sexual activity exist among foster children. A blogger recently was invited to speak to his daughter's second grade class. He repeats the pro-life lesson he gave to the class.

Finally, here is a story on a disabled member of the British Parliament opposing legislation that would allow the ill to be transported to Switzerland to undergo assisted suicide with no legal repercussions for those who participate in the transportation. The bill was later defeated.

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