Thursday, November 19, 2009

Audio Impressions

Ronald Reagan on National (Socialized) Health Care. Though he was speaking in the early 60's, his arguments will never be out of date.

Dallas Willard speaking on being a morally responsible skeptic.  Dr. Willard points out that in our age the beginning premise in secular and religious matters is unbelief, in any discussion knowledge and certainty are looked down upon. (See a previous blogpost on this issue of certainty, )  Disbelief is now considered a virtue.  This makes it more difficult for leaders to guide institutions.  Yet Willard asserts that to disbelieve without knowledge or inquiry is just as consequential to all of us as to believe.  Therefore, those who reject knowledge and certainty must justify their unbelief as much as others are called upon to justify their belief.  To give an example not given in Willard's talk, the African country of Zambia had a famine a few years back.  The US developed grain to grow in Zambia's soil, but one person in France put it out that the grain was actually poisoned so to kill off Africans.  Despite the assurances of the US government, the government of Zambia chose not to believe the Western super-power.  The result is people died.  Unbelief is just as consequential as belief.  The talk can be heard here.

Athiest Christopher Hitchens debates Dinesh D'Souza and Frank Tureck.  Hitchens offers up no new arguements for his atheism (click the tab for Audio Impressions to listen to his previous debate with Tureck.)  His arguements consist of blaming belief in God for all the misery the world has experienced.  Tureck is able to argue from the scientific evidence that God does indeed exist while Hitchens mainly ignores the evidence.  D'Souza is a good debater, yet I think Tureck was more effective in his exchange with Hitchens.  D'Souza does not have the background that Tureck has in studying the scientific data. Tureck is also effective in his use of Scripture.  The debate with D'Souza can be heard here, the one with Tureck, here.  (The link for the Tureck debate is not available.  Therefore, go to the Apologetics315 website; you will find the Tureck debate on 9/18/09.  The D'Souza debate will be found on 10/14/09.)

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