Monday, November 30, 2009

Concerning Evolution And The Global Warming Hoax

A little over a year ago,  I published a series of blog posts entitled "Exposing ExpelledExposed." (see the Links section of this blog)  It was an in depth examiniation of how the website ExpelledExposed, which is produced by the National Center For Science Education, attacked the reputations of those who appeared in Ben Stein's documentary "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed."  The website should be the place to go to see how Evolutionists in this country seek to totally distroy not only alternative theories to Darwinian Evolution but anyone within the scientific community who would publicly question Darwin.  Even if the particular dissenter from Darwinian orthodoxy is not a believer in the Biblical account of Creation, he or she will be attacked as plotting to sneak the teaching of religion into the class room.  While I was working on this series, I came across articles concerning a Creationist/Evolutionist controversy brewing in England at the time.  It concerned the proposal of Dr. Michael Reiss, an Anglican Clergyman, a professor of Science Education at the Institute of Education, London and Director of Education of The Royal Society. Reiss, a believer in the theory of Evolution, stated that his educational background taught him that it was counter productive to teach evolution in the classroom without examining the objections and doubts about Evolution by religious students. Reiss believed that not to address these concerns would cause these students to adopt an anti-science mentality which they would maintain permanently.  This is a statement from an article he published explaining his position:

"I feel that creationism is best seen by science teachers not as a misconception but as a world view.  The implication of this is that most science teachers can normally hope to achieve is to ensure that students with creationist beliefs understand the scientific position."

I decided to find out what happened to Reiss and his proposal. At first the Royal Society stood by him, but after the public outcry orchestrated by prominent Darwinians,  he was forced to resign after one week.  This course of events is similiar to what happened when Dr. Richard Sternberg made the editorial decision to publish a peer-reviewed paper by Dr. Stephen Meyer, which concerned Intelligent Design, in the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington.  At first there was no controversy, but then Darwinists in this country attacked Dr. Sternberg for his actions.  (see Richard Sternberg's website for an account of the controversy.  He was profiled in "Expelled" and vilified on ExpelledExposed.  Dr. Sternberg is not a creationist.)  Reiss did not endorse creationism or Intelligent Design, nor did he propose that they be given equal time in the class room.  But whether it is the National Center for Science Education in America or the British Humanist Association in the U.K., the Darwinist vanguard of the scientific establishment will not be satisfied unless anyone who proposes to be fair to other points of view are publicly punished for their "apostacy", even if they are not believers in Creationism or I.D.  Not long ago, I found out that the British Parliament was considering a bill to make the teaching of Evolution mandatory for students from the earliest grades on up.  This response by Evolutionists has to be an effect of the Reiss controversy. I make mention of the British Humanist Society because it is a major sponsor of the bill and the link to the story makes it clear that its members concern is to destroy religious influence among school age children.  Reiss' proposal was aimed at teens; this bill is aimed at prejudicing the minds of children against any alternative to evolution before they reach their teens. 

One of those who was featured in "Expelled" and who was attacked on the ExpelledExposed website was Dr. Caroline Crocker. I  wrote no articles on her for "Exposing ExpelledExposed" because I could find very little about her on the Internet.  She has now produced a website which can be found here.  Dr. Crocker's new book "Free To Think: Why Scientific Integrity Matters" will be published by Leafcutter Press in 2010.

Here is a three part article by Dr. Georgia Purdom writing for Answers In Genesis (Parts one, two and three) on how Darwinist's twist all branches of science in an attempt to prove Evolution's validity. 

From Cornelius Hunter concerning shifting the burden of proof onto Darwinian Evolution.

And if you have not heard, someone from inside the East Anglia Laboratories, a major source of Global Warming hysteria, has leaked e-mails from 13 years on back showing that man made Global Warming is a hoax and that these scientists know that.  I am sure that the leaker will face public persecution that is as great, if not worse, than those who have been attacked by Evolutionists.  As this link makes evident, scientists pushing Global Warming have learned from their evolutionary counterparts concerning distroying their enemies in the scientific community.  These scientists plan to mold the peer-review process to weed out any Global Warming sceptics from publishing in scientific journals.


Anonymous said...

Please also note that Dr. Caroline Crocker has a forthcoming book titled "Free to Think: Why Scientific Integrity Matters" by Leafcutter Press in early 2010.

Mr. Guthrie said...

Thanks for the comment; I have added a mention of the book to the original post.