Monday, December 14, 2009

Taking A Break

Recently I dreamed that I stepped into an elevator with a large group of people.  The down arrow was pushed and we quickly descended underground.  Every few seconds more people got on and large rocks were also placed on the elevator.  I began to get nervous that the weight would cause the elevator to crash. The others assured me that we would be safe.  I thought to myself, if I get through this, I will have had an interesting experience to blog about.  You know that when your blog invades your dreams, its time to take a break.  Therefore, for the next month I will not only not post articles, I won't even give this blog any thought.  If you post a comment during that time it will be the middle of January before it will be published.  In mid January I will begin work on the new articles mentioned in my 12/8 post and in February I'll resume posting.  Another motivation for this plan of inaction is to give my eyes a rest from computer keyboards.  Also I want to spend time working on my audio blog.  I will be participating in my church's program of reading the entire Bible in 90 days starting on 1/1.  My progress will be recorded on my pastoral studies blog.  Blessings.  May all those who read this see God work in your lives and in your unsaved loved ones this coming year.

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