Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reagan Anniversary

Today as I continue to recover from my experience as a poll worker on election day, I am taking time to take note that today is the 30th anniversary of a great day: the election of Ronald Reagan.  So many think that the current economic slump is the worse economy since the Great Depression.  Not so.  Many are now too young to remember the double digit unemployment rate, the double digit inflation rate and the double digit interest rates of the Jimmy Carter years.  Conventional wisdom at the time was that our problems were simply to big and the world too complex for any solution.  Most Conservatives were convinced that the Soviet Union would win the Cold War.  Many are simply too young to understand the pessimism that reigned in the U.S. prior to Reagan's election.  They simply have no way of knowing just how much of a difference Reagan made.  And he made that difference  with a Republican Senate when more Republicans were moderate and the Democrats held the House.  This should be a message of how Conservatism can defeat the Liberal establishment even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Chris Christie has proved this in New Jersey.  With the House now in Republican hands, lets hope the Republicans will not be lured into thinking Conservatism cannot win the day.   

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