Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pro Life Articles Of Interest

The New Abortion StrategyAbortion advocates have a new strategy to facilitate widespread acceptance of abortion among the public.  After Roe v. Wade, hospitals, which did 80% of abortions, got out of the abortion business and so the murder of the unborn is committed mostly at clinics.  Planned Parenthood makes millions every year from performing abortions.  Now much money is being spent by supporters of abortion to train physicians in medical schools to integrate abortion into their services as private physicians.  The aim is to shift the scene of the crime from clinics to doctors' offices and back into hospitals.  The aim is to convince the public that abortion is just as an important function of the family doctor as any other service the doctor performs; the aim is to make the acceptance of abortion mainstream.  One who has donated much money to this effort is Warren Buffett.  From Al Mohler's blog.

Coming Out of Planned Parenthood- Abortion has been big business for Planned Parenthood.  In fact, the ideological origins of Planned Parenthood are in the Eugenics movement, a movement that grew out of Darwinian Evolution. The Eugenics movement viewed the physically and mentally challenged as a threat to the progress of the human race and sought ways to gradually eliminate their existance.  Magaret Sanger was a disciple of the Eugenics movement and started Planned Parenthood as a means to further the goals of the movement. Abby Johnson, a 2008 Employee of the Year at a Planned Parenthood clinic, became so disturbed at what actually goes on at Planned Parenthood clinics that she resigned her position and joined the Pro Life movement. Here is a podcast of an interview she did detailing what she saw at these clinics and how Planned Parenthood tried to silence her. From the Touchstone Magazine blog.

The Power of an Image- The Family Research Council (FRC) blog posted a brief post concerning a new technique developed by French scientists to view the first few minutes of life.  The FRC post features a video of the beginning of the life of a zebrafish from a one celled embryo to a 512 celled organism.  The blog writer asks that if this is the beginning of life for a zebrafish beginning at the one celled stage, what does this say concerning the human embryo and the beginning of life. Here is a picture of a human embryo at ten weeks from the His Peace Upon Us blog.

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