Friday, February 11, 2011

Just What Is A "Theologism" And How Does It Earn A PG-13 Rating?

Reading the local paper's movie reviews of what is currently playing, I came across the review for the new Anthony Hopkin's movie, The Rite.  The review not only announces The Rite's rating, PG-13, but also why it earned such a rating. The elements determining The Rite's rating are as follows: violence, disturbing images, adult themes and theologisms.

Theologisms? Is there such a word? I consulted a few dictionaries and couldn't find the word in them.  I googled the word and found a definition: a theology that assumes the inferiorty of science, philosophy, or other disciplines.

I haven't seen The Rite, but I do know that the plot concerns exorcisms in the Catholic Church. I could see a secular critic or ratings board listing criteria concerning exorcism as disturbing thematic material, but why theologisms? Furthermore, as the word is plural, is it not apparent that the ratings board must have spotted more than one theologi?  What theologisms merit a PG-13 rating? What theologisms would disturb the sensitivities of young movie goers under the age of 13? Does the critic or the ratings board even know what the word theologism means? If so, is there a concern that a movie may influence young children to question whether science and philosphy are superior to theology in explaining the world we live in? My inquiring mind wants to know.


KyleB said...

Well said, Mr. Guthrie. Never heard of The Rite, and I'm a few years late, so I don't know who will see this, but I had to speak my piece. There is no such word as TheologismS. Theologism is a belief. It is singular. There can only be ONE theologism. I also don't understand why you'd need to shield children from theologism. Kids already know what the Church is about.

Mr. Guthrie said...

Thanks for your comment, Kyle.