Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pro Life News, 2012

Scientists use 4D to capture a child in the womb yawning at 24 weeks. From Yahoo News.

Two scientists win the Nobel Prize for their work with adult stem cells. This is a refutation of the notion that only embryonic stem cells are capable of being used to regrow tissue.

Is it ethically permissible to kill newborn children? Three medical scholars think so and advocate their position which they call "After Birth Abortion." They argue that if it is ethically permissible to kill babies in the womb and those partially born, then it is ethically permissible to kill newborns. The story notes that those who advocate partial birth abortion differentiated this practice from killing a baby that has actually been delivered. From the Family Research Council (FRC) blog. Here is post from Uncommon Descent referencing an article written by a father of a Downs Syndrome child. He expresses his views on the subject.

Here is a Washington Post article by Melinda Henneberger on the horror women experience under China's one child policy and the plight of Chen Guangchen who fought against forced abortions in China. The question is asked, "Why are pro choice advocates silent concerning China's mistreatment of women?" HT: The Manhattan Declaration. Here is a short but very disturbing history of China's one child policy and forced abortions. HT: FRC. Its a wonder, considering the horror of China's one child policy, that a Chinese study linking abortion to breast cancer was actually conducted and published. From Life News. HT: FRC.

In the U.K., sex selection is the reason for an increasing number of abortions. If you are pregnant and know you are having a girl, many clinics will pave the way for you to have an illegal abortion. Abortion for the reason of gender preference is illegal in the U.K. One clinic doctor told an undercover reporter who told her she was pregnant and didn't want a girl, "I don't ask questions. You want a termination, you want a termination." Its called "family balancing." Here is a link to three articles on this subject from the FRC. Here is a paper on the effects of sex selection on birthrates around the world. The practice is apparently is not widespread in the U.S., but Planned Parenthood is willing to facilitate this practice. Here is an article with undercover video to prove this point. From the World Magazine blog.

A couple wins a "wrongful birth" lawsuit. An Oregon couple were told by a clinic that their baby had no abnormalities, when in fact, the girl had Downs Syndrome. The couple said they would have aborted the baby had they known. From the World Magazine blog.

Pro life groups in Oklahoma launched an effort to enact a ballot measure declaring a fertilized eggs to be legal persons. The state Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional before voters had a chance to vote on it. From the Christianity Today Politics blog.

Pepsi has been working in conjunction with a research company that uses fetal cells of aborted babies to produce artificial flavor enhancers. The Securities and Exchange Commission has ruled that this practice falls under the heading of "ordinary business operations" and is a protected practice. HT: Gene Veith's blog. Pepsi has announced it will no longer be involved with such research. See here from Lifesite News.

The first reported death from RU-486 in Australia. The death occurred in 2010, but it was not reported for a year and a half. From the FRC. It took only a month for the whole world to learn about the pregnant Indian who died in Ireland. The story that was first put out was the expectant mother died because she couldn't get an abortion in Ireland, which has stringent laws on performing abortions. But it appears that other factors may have led to her death. Also from the FRC.

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