Thursday, April 2, 2020


As a 2004 graduate of Wesley Biblical Seminary, I like to stay informed about whats going on in the life of the seminary. WBS has just announced the selection of a new President. He is Dr. Matt Ayers. He has degrees from Asbury University, WBS, and St. Johns College in Nottingham. He has served the past eight years as President of Emmaus University of Haiti. He has written extensively on holiness and other aspects of Wesleyan theology. He has also published articles on the Old Testament in numerous academic journals. Dr. Ayers follows Dr. John Neihof as President. Dr. Neihof passed away suddenly last year. My prayers go out to Dr. Ayers and WBS as they embark on a new chapter in WBS's history. Thanks to Asbury Seminary professor and former WBS professor, Dr. John N. Oswalt, who served as interim President this past year.

Also, WBS has partnered with other institutions to form the John and Charles Wesley Center, a site dedicated to promoting Wesleyan theology in a 21st century context. The center has produced an outstanding series of devotions for Lent. They can be found at the website's link provided above.

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